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Septic Repair

Septic Repair  | AMW Septic Services  - Rockport, TX

Most commercial buildings, apartment complexes and houses in major urban centers are connected to a centralized...

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Septic Pump Service

Septic Pump Service  | AMW Septic Services  - Rockport, TX

People don’t like to think about their household waste. It’s easier to just flush anything and everything down the toilet, or pour it down...

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Septic Installation

Septic Installation  | AMW Septic Services  - Rockport, TX,TX

The effects of a poorly done septic installation can be devastating. The process is a very complicated one that takes into account a lot...

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Welcome To AMW Septic Services

AMW Septic Services is a state licensed, family owned and operated business that services Rockport, TX and the neighboring communities. When it comes to septic tanks and drainage systems, we can do it all.

If it’s cleaning, inspection, maintenance, or emptying of your current septic tank and related system, we are the contracting company to call. Likewise, if you’re looking to buy and install a new septic tank and system, we only carry the most durable, most cost effective components on the market. You are assured a worry-free septic system that will cause you no further concern until you have to call us years down the line for routine inspection, pump out and basic maintenance.

There are many types of septic tanks, drainage systems and pumping mechanisms. The proper tanks and systems you should have installed, as well as the method of installation, depend greatly on the particular topography, sediment base and other important factors that are unique to your property. Your septic system is an onsite sewage treatment facility in which waste is treated and disposed of through natural processes such as aeration and decomposition. At AMW Septic Services, we will make sure these processes occur.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) holds the homeowner solely responsible for any damage that results from an improperly functioning septic tank and system located on his or her property. As you can very well imagine, any environmental damage resulting from a malfunctioning sewage system is bound to be utterly horrendous. As a responsible homeowner, it behooves you to invest in nothing but the best when it comes to your septic system.

In Rockport, TX, the most qualified contracting company for anything to do with septic tanks and systems is AMW Septic Services. Don’t settle for anything less than the absolute best when it comes to your property. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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